Steve Sisolak was elected to serve the people, but he’s only ever cared about personal profit. Instead of representing taxpayers, Shady Steve sued the county and profited $15 million.

It gets worse. After personally taking all of those funds, Steve Sisolak helped get more government money for the lawyer who made him rich. That attorney scored a high-paying government contract with Steve Sisolak’s support.

Laura Fitzsimmons is Steve Sisolak’s personal lawyer, donor, and consigliere. She was instrumental in helping him get the $15 million in taxpayer money and helping him work to discredit the testimony of a female teenager who accused Steve of “acting improperly.”

Laura Fitzsimmons Retainer

Clark County Agenda Item

Clark County records show Shady Steve helped her nab a lucrative government contract. A copy of the retainer shows that Sisolak voted for Fitzsimmons to get $400 per hour from Clark County coffers for legal services, a deal that the District Attorney said was worth $300,000.

Shady Steve took a multi-million-dollar payout from government funds, then gave a government contract worth hundreds of thousands of dollars to his personal lawyer who helped him do it. That’s corrupt.

There are more details about Steve Sisolak’s corruption to come in this story. Stay tuned.

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