Shady Steve’s Political Machine Spreads Lies on Education Funding

Shady Steve Sisolak’s political machine is pushing blatant lies about Adam Laxalt, claiming he plans to “cut funding for schools.”

That attack is totally false. In fact, Adam Laxalt has pledged that Nevada will never go backwards in education funding as long as he is Governor and he plans to increase funding for schools.

“Laxalt praised the reforms Governor Brian Sandoval has put into place, and he says he wants to keep funding at or above current levels.”

“Laxalt also promised to never drop funding levels for public schools and to double the amount of money available for opportunity scholarships. He said he will also fund education savings accounts, which were passed in 2015, but have yet to be funded.”

(Apr 06, 2018)

Sisolak’s machine is desperately pushing false attacks because, on Steve Sisolak’s watch, Nevada schools are the worst in the country. He’s been the kingpin of Clark County for decades, but students in his schools are suffering. He’s been in power for so long—if he was going to improve schools, wouldn’t he have done something by now?

Here’s the Facts:

The Commerce Tax is not specifically put towards education. It goes into the general fund along with every other tax, and it only makes up about 2% of that funding. Even if the tax was repealed, it does not prevent the legislature from putting more money into education than ever before.

Not only has Adam pledged to keep education funding steady, he plans to increase funding and launch new innovative programs to make schools better.

Adam’s education plan includes raises for teachers, increasing student scholarships, developing the teachers of tomorrow, and improving school safety.



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