Steve Sisolak Misleads Voters on Pipeline

Shady Steve is at it again, proving that he’ll say anything to win votes—even if it does not track with his public record. In a recent interview with a website that he helps fund, Sisolak claimed to be against a pipeline that would carry water from rural Nevada to Las Vegas. Many Nevadans are concerned that the pipeline could deplete their water supply and pit one part of the state against another.

However, even though he claims to oppose it, Sisolak voted in favor of the pipeline just one year ago in 2017. He serves on the board that is pushing for the project and voted to approve the pipeline he now claims to oppose.

He talks to voters out one side of his mouth, and insiders out of the other. We can’t trust him to do what he says he’ll do—he’ll do whatever is best for him.

Sisolak has made this kind of political double-speak a pattern. Most notably:

Nevadans can’t trust Steve Sisolak to shoot straight on important issues. He’s too shady for Nevada.

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