Steve Sisolak’s Political Machine Was Investigated by FBI in “Major Corruption Case”

Laura Fitzsimmons is Steve Sisolak’s longtime personal attorney, who has been highlighted on this website for receiving a government contract worth $300,000 and working with Sisolak to negotiate a government settlement—the recipient of which turned around and donated $10,000 to Shady Steve.

Yesterday, she sent a letter to the Laxalt campaign threatening a lawsuit if the campaign did not stop highlighting her role as part of Steve Sisolak’s political machine. This is a classic Steve Sisolak intimidation tactic—and it’s nothing new. In fact, Sisolak and Fitzsimmons were wrapped up into an FBI and Metro Police investigation for exactly this kind of behavior.

“Attorney Laura Fitzsimons helped Steve Sisolak win a $20 million judgment from McCarran Airport. Gary Gray is Sisolak’s campaign manager. All three now find themselves of interest to the FBI Agents and Metro Detectives investigating the threat against Pickering.” – Las Vegas Now.

“FBI Investigates Major Political Corruption Case: A political corruption task force made up of FBI agents and Metro Detectives has been working the case since late summer.” – Las Vegas Now.

Ten years ago, Steve Sisolak’s campaign manager allegedly attempted to bribe a Supreme Court candidate on behalf of Fitzsimmons, Sisolak’s personal attorney.

“Nevada Supreme Court justice candidate Kris Pickering said Tuesday night that she notified federal authorities after her campaign manager is alleged to have offered to funnel $200,000 into her war chest last summer if she agreed to remove herself from certain eminent domain cases.

‘The proposition was wrong, I reported it and it’s in the investigators’ hands,” said the 56-year-old candidate. “I don’t play that game.’ Pickering declined to comment further.

Campaign consultant Gary Gray is alleged to have requested that Pickering sign an agreement to remove herself from Supreme Court eminent domain cases involving prominent attorney Laura Fitzsimmons. If Pickering didn’t sign the document, the money would go to an opponent, Gray is alleged to have told her.

Pickering refused the offer and notified authorities…

Gray is now the campaign manager for Democratic Clark County Commission candidate Steve Sisolak. Fitzsimmons, who has made millions of dollars from successful eminent domain lawsuits, helped Sisolak win a $6.5 million judgment against the county in 2003. Las Vegas Review-Journal, 2008

Sisolak defended Gray’s alleged bribery attempt, but his actions went further than that. Shady Steve used his campaign to send harassing robocalls targeting a private business and another political consultant.

That consultant worked for the Supreme Court candidate that his campaign manager allegedly attempted to bribe on behalf of his attorney. He believed that the harassment was retaliation, because Pickering alerted the FBI to the Sisolak-Fitzsimmons-Gray bribery attempt.

Ryan Erwin is Scroggins campaign manager. He is not surprised that Scroggins opponent Steve Sisolak would use robocalls to mess with Scroggins business. For one thing, he says, Sisolak has been a professional telemarketer for more than 20 years. For another, Erwin was also on the receiving end of similar calls.

Last week, the Sisolak campaign placed thousands of calls but made it seems as if the calls came from Erwin. Erwin’s firm was flooded with angry calls.

“I think they thought it was funny and this is a great way to get the campaign manager from the other side. What they didn’t figure is that this is highly unethical and probably illegal,” said Erwin. “It amounts to identity theft. They used my name and phone number without my permission to deceive voters about who made the actual call.”

Erwin says it can’t be an accident that someone had to manually enter his name and number into the robocalls. He wonders if it might have been done because he is also the campaign manager for Kris Pickering, running for the Supreme Court.

Pickering recently went to law enforcement to report a threat allegedly made against her by her former campaign manager, Gary Gray, supposedly on behalf of the Laura Fitzsimmons law firm. – Las Vegas Now.

Steve Sisolak thinks that because his political machine has run down other Nevada politicians for decades, Adam Laxalt will back down in the face of frivolous threats. Shady Steve is panicking because his corrupt behavior is finally meeting the light of day. Steve Sisolak needs to answer for his history of corrupt behavior. Nevadans deserve answers.

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