The Plot Thickens: Government Settlement Winner Pays Back Sisolak


It pays to be friends with career politician Steve Sisolak. Sisolak gave a $300,000 government contract to his long-time personal attorney, Laura Fitzsimmons. She helped make him rich in a lawsuit against taxpayers and helped him discredit a teenage girl who accused him of improper behavior. Then he turned around and gave her an expensive government contract.

More questions surround that $300,000 government contract. Who benefited from the work that was supposed to be for taxpayers? Shady Steve. The contract resulted in a $9.9 million settlement to an out-of-state businessman and as a result, more political money for Steve Sisolak.

The contract led Fitzsimmons to negotiate a settlement of about $9.9 million in taxpayer money to be paid to an out-of-state businessman. Sisolak voted to approve that settlement.

Shortly after Sisolak voted to give him the money, the recipient of that taxpayer settlement returned the favor. He donated $10,000 to Sisolak just months later. Can someone say pay-to-play?

Sisolak 2016 Contributions and Expenses Report

Sisolak has made politics pay, for himself and his cronies. We can’t give him the state budget to use as a slush fund for his political pals. Nevada families can’t afford to foot the bill for his corruption.

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